10 Ways Evolution Messes With Our Minds – Listverse

Т’ва е… интересна теория.

“Have you ever wondered why a certain percentage of the population homosexual?

Imagine a band of early human ancestors with no homosexuals in the population. This would lead to a lot of reproduction and would seem like an evolutionary advantage. But with that many children to look after, resources like food, supervision, defense, and shelter would be limited. Many of the children would likely not make it to adulthood. Now imagine the opposite; a band of early ancestors with a large percentage of homosexuals. Now there would be a small number of kids that were very well taken care of. But, there still wouldn’t be that many that reach adulthood because there weren’t many to start with. Finally, in true Goldilocks fashion, image a band with just the right amount. It would maximize the number of children with adequate supervision to reach adulthood. As a result, this is exactly what we see in the human population today; a small but consistent gay community.”


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